Sunday, 12 June 2011


OK I am going to talk about prison but that heading might have been a been a bit over the top, while I am going to relate my experience don't get too excited I wasn't actually serving time it was just a visit.
My father is a prison officer and years back when I was young he would sometimes bring myself and my younger brother to work with him. While he was busy working, about three or four men would watch and play games with my brother and I. Now it wasn't until I was around 18 years old the realisation struck me like a paper airplane hitting the nose of an unsuspecting churchgoer that : "Those men were.. prisoners!" since that time it has been revealed to me that the men who looked after us were under life sentences and had been giving "jobs" as porters within the prison and trustworthy. What amazes me the most when I think of how the general prisoner is perceived is the advice these men would give myself and my sibling, things like "Don't ever smoke kid" and "Always listen to your mum and dad" and it makes me wonder perhaps the justice system does work.. a bit.

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  1. Good post, makes me think - could one of the lifelines on millionare be changed to "ask a prisoner"?