Saturday, 27 August 2011

What happens in a Toilet cubicle...

I’m not sure I understand cubicle grafitti, I can understand wanting to express your feelings about someone or something down in writing, after all I am blogging, the problem I have is, how many people have seen grafitti that actually corresponds to them? or even to someone they know? Even if you did how would you know who wrote it?
Thats the beauty of using a cubicle, Complete Annonomity, anything that happens in a cubicle stays in the cubicle nothing can be attributed to you, no sounds, no smell, no disconcerting stain on the ceiling. The closest anyone can actually discover is if you are a man or woman, and even then it’s touch and go.

A True Idiot.

Has anyone else been following the Michael Todd story in the news? for anyone not aware, Michael Todd was the bass guitarist for the prog rock band Coheed and Cambria he also has risen to a new level of Idiocy. Mr Todd decided to hold up a pharmacy for narcotics in the same city he was due to be playing a gig in a few hours later, Was he wearing a mask? Pffft who needs a mask when your a famous rock star? unsurprisingly he was arrested prior to the gig. He subsequently posted bail for $25,000.
I understand he is an addict and it was brought to my attention that the syptoms of going cold turkey are very similar to the flu, so the question arises “Had Todd run out of his ‘medication’ and was he simply trying to stay lucid enough to play the gig?”
Now I’m a big fan of irony, I see it everywhere, Its almost an obsession, though I don’t consciously search for it. But if a famous rock star can post $25,000 for robbing a pharmacy, why did he need to rob the pharmacy?

Monday, 15 August 2011

A well rounded opinion Update.

Is this all really necessary?
"Phones 4U!!" Phones for me? What really? Are you sure? Because I thought mobile phone shops only sold you a phone if it was a present for someone else... Wow, maybe that's changed.. But hang on, you said PhoneS 4 me, I already have one.. I'm not sure how many I can actually handle at once.

Ooh look! Pets at home!... I thought this was a shop? Honestly where else am I going to keep a pet? Oh I know! In the wild!... But then.. It won't be mine any more.. at least no more mine then the tree I adopted last year in the New Forest

This is a great magazine, oh cool! Look it has a "Cut out and keep" section, because usually I just throw the whole thing away and pulp it.

C'mon people lets get real

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A well rounded opinion

It occurs to me recently that the whole world is just lying for no reason, I'm not going to moan about politics, believe me that's something I want to keep this blog free of after discovering how many people I (in)advertanly upset. No what I want to bring to your attention is advertising, I know it's everywhere and I accept that, what I can't accept is everyone seems blind to the blatant lying, It's not even clever. A poster in the video rental store in the next town tells me they have abolished 'late fees' and will now only charge you £1 for each extra night you keep it, Ahem excuse me? Isn't that a fee? For the DVD being returned LATER then originally planned?

Another thing is 'Music' shops, as a percussionist I often phone different out of town stores to see if it's worth checking it out, 9 out 10 times Ill get the reply "Oh we only sell guitars" Shouldn't you be called Guitar store then? Thats what I want to say but I said I wasn't going to upset anyone so I'm using it as an excuse to start shopping online.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Monday, 1 August 2011


I have a problem.. It's a strange one so I'll start from the beginning. When my wife and I first moved into our current residence, we noticed a cupboard on the shared landing that none of the keys provided to us would open, after enquiring my neighbors about the mystery storage room it became apparent that the tenet directly below me had changed the lock to ensure it was 'His'. Confused and mildly intrigued I asked my downstairs neighbor about the key for the cupboard, so we could use it to store our pushbikes in, All I got was a sheepish explanation and a new chain to 'secure' them to the banister. Also the mystery cupboard has revealed it's true nature, judging from the smell emanating from under the door and the shufflings I hear when I pass, It's a gateway to a psychedelic world.