Monday, 15 August 2011

A well rounded opinion Update.

Is this all really necessary?
"Phones 4U!!" Phones for me? What really? Are you sure? Because I thought mobile phone shops only sold you a phone if it was a present for someone else... Wow, maybe that's changed.. But hang on, you said PhoneS 4 me, I already have one.. I'm not sure how many I can actually handle at once.

Ooh look! Pets at home!... I thought this was a shop? Honestly where else am I going to keep a pet? Oh I know! In the wild!... But then.. It won't be mine any more.. at least no more mine then the tree I adopted last year in the New Forest

This is a great magazine, oh cool! Look it has a "Cut out and keep" section, because usually I just throw the whole thing away and pulp it.

C'mon people lets get real