Monday, 1 August 2011


I have a problem.. It's a strange one so I'll start from the beginning. When my wife and I first moved into our current residence, we noticed a cupboard on the shared landing that none of the keys provided to us would open, after enquiring my neighbors about the mystery storage room it became apparent that the tenet directly below me had changed the lock to ensure it was 'His'. Confused and mildly intrigued I asked my downstairs neighbor about the key for the cupboard, so we could use it to store our pushbikes in, All I got was a sheepish explanation and a new chain to 'secure' them to the banister. Also the mystery cupboard has revealed it's true nature, judging from the smell emanating from under the door and the shufflings I hear when I pass, It's a gateway to a psychedelic world.


  1. Did someone say..... skooMA??

  2. yes YOU did, when I asked for a subject for a blog..

  3. Better be careful, I hear those fauns are trouble!

    P.S. Your posts are short, witty, and wonderful:)