Thursday, 2 June 2011

It's always nice to be wanted.

As the blog post suggests It's always nice to feel wanted, of course being wanted has different connotations it could lead to a state of mild annoyance as I recently discovered. This week I have made a multipurpose trip to my hometown. First of all to visit my family and second good solid band practice. coincidentally a musician approached me and asked me if I could join his band (based in my hometown) as percussion. To let him down gently I explained "I couldn't commit to his band as I cant get here as much as I would like" as he persisted I continued to explain "I don't have very much performing experience" undeterred and oblivious to my hinting he revealed they were desperate, slightly leaking my frustration I replied "I only play with people I LIKE..." I admit it was harsh, but at least I solved my harassment problem.

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