Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Only Joking!

It always amazes me how seriously some people take life. I suppose its really the fact of how many people I end up upsetting, This might be down to the fact I often make jokes that are really just for me (often out of annoyance). Sometimes people will be minding there own business and I'll just be inappropriate, for instance : Yesterday I narrowly averted a punch in the face, after asking the rather heavy set woman in the queue behind me, if the list tattooed on her upper arm was actually her weekly shopping list (turns out they were the names of her children). Other times I think they are seemingly deserving of my sarcasm Eg : To a middle aged businessman on the train using his blackberry to update his facebook "Who do you think your kidding buddy?" And lastly the poor fool who wanders into my path like a deer who mistakes an 18 wheeler for a friend, who starts telling me all the features on his wife's new wheelchair "What are you trying to do? Sell it to me?"

1 comment:

  1. I intentionally laugh and smile at the victim after a sarcastic comment, this way they are obliged to enter your world for a few dark distressing moments.. like the time I told that Welsh woman that signs in Welsh were a waste of time and space, on hindsight not a good idea as she was driving the car.. or just yesterday when I asked the cashier in sports direct if they had POOO regulations after seeing the WEEE regulations notice on the counter.. I was more in danger from Steph on that one though..