Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I'm not sure if I have already made it clear, But I am now working in a clothing retailers, It's not exciting work but it's work all the same and I intend to appreciate every minute of it. Unlike some of my new found colleagues..  
Increasingly I find myself over hearing conversations such as

Manager: "what are you doing?" 
Teenage employee: "oh I need something to do.."
Manager? "Why don't you put that stock out?"
T.E: "No. I always refuse to do Menswear"

Seriously? I don't get it, my brain refuses to believe that someone would be so dense as to cut off an entire section of a store just because (and I quote) "I don't like it". To illustrate my confusion here's my contribution to the conversation

"bu..? why..? fhe..?"

I have a vague recollection of what it was like to hate work, but after being unemployed for several months I found myself getting bored of being bored, and 'apparently' the microwave can only take so much punishment and experimentation before it also wants to leave the house, But now when I get tired from working gives me an enormous sense of well being and satisfaction.

Someone was telling me I'm losing my touch with young people, but I'm inclined to believe there an idiot too.

P.S Check out my new background! isn't it groovy?


  1. I've never been clothist, I even like the lingerie section.. and I'm a man!

  2. Ha. I think the farther away I get from adolescence, the less I'm able to deal with snotty teenagers. Haha. I like kids, but teens are difficult!