Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Party Idiots

Id like to confess something, Im not as confident as I claim most of the time. Yes I look like a movie-star and act cool but would you belive that under the devillish good looks and fancy banter is a small worried child? Nope didn't think so and you'd be right. putting aside my lack of modesty and actually getting to the point I find alot of people nowadays don't seem to understand how to socialise, I've noticed 2 types #1 The shy and #2 the Idiot.

Now we have all seen the shy, and I'm very familiar with the behaviour, sits in the corner, doesnt approach anyone and NEVER dances and often leaves feeling neglected and unwanted because nobody has bothered to talk to them, of course the obvious solution is to try and approach other people, but more often then not this effort is halted by the 2nd type. The Idiot.

The Idiot is a self-absorbed nobody, concerned only with making friends with people who they belive will raise their social status, symptoms include uninterested one word answers to your questions, no reciprication, minimal eye contact and a dead tone (like the phone left off the hook).

Now I speak to all the shy's out there when I say, if you are at a party and you discover your talking to an idiot, leave, LEAVE NOW! Find someone interesting to talk to, find a fellow shy and try and bring them out of their shell, become the person you want to talk to you. Those actions prove you are better then Idiots. Take solace in that fact. I know I have

Your  fellow shy.

P.S I'm now on Google+, you can find me as Dan Hillman.


  1. Idiocy is a major concern amongst youngsters today and is growing in numbers. if you know someone who has idiocy or CSD (common sense deficiency) please inform the local authorities so they can be placed in quarantine asap. stupid people can be contagious. be careful out there folks.

  2. @Bumferry Hogart - Stupid people can BREED... Be afraid, be very afraid...