Monday, 17 October 2011

Guest Post by My Wife Rebecca 'In The Mix'

My work is not just work...
in fact its a slice of perfect cake :-)
I have the unequalled privilege of being a 'Play Worker' 
This so called job, as the title denotes simply translates into 40 hour a weeks worth of play...which in turn equals fun...which astonishingly then amounts to work!

One of my fondest most gleeful experiences has been during one of my many cooking activity sessions I frequently run with children. Now the following has happened not once, or twice but on countless occasions...
true story!

Most the children in my care are between the ages of 2 - 8 years. We endeavor to encourage independence in our sessions, and not to take charge of a child's efforts too much and the finished product isn't all that important...its the having fun whilst learning experience that counts. Regardless of age or ability I guarantee the outcome may be the same as follows in many a young kids cooking class...

me:     "right Sam can you read out the ingredients needed to bake carrot muffins?"
Sam:   "yes it says flour...blah blah blah"
me:     "yes check, we have all the needed ingredients. So who would like to crack the eggs?"
Tom:  "me, me, me I've done this like a thousand times with mummy at home...properly"
(bear in mind Tom is 3 and a half years of age)

Then I hesitantly handed Tom the egg watching in anticipation...
then to my surprise Tom lifted the egg and with all the grace of a prima ballerina he very gently tapped the egg against the side of the mixing bowl, he seemed astounded it had not cracked! He gave it another tap, as careful as before and yet again he looked almost disappointed that it had not cracked. Then to my surprise faster then I could say "have another go Tom" he had closed his eyes so tightly shut, he drew in a breath of a deep sea diver and then he instantly crushed the egg in the palm of his hand...and watched with the wildest crazed smile as shell, egg white and yolk proceeded to run very slowly down his arm into his sleeve.
The other children looked in amazement...and with that one look they began to laugh in amazement. To conclude its fair to say there we're lots of eggs cracked in such a way that day, and all the children had done it a thousand times before with their mummies...properly :-) 


  1. You must have lots of fun and laughs also :)

  2. Thats brilliant Beck, I think lots of people would enjoy a blog like this x

  3. Sounds like he has a better technique than me. Nice article. You should start a blog for people like my wife.