Sunday, 16 October 2011


To the Idiot who nearly ran me over today,

When I was crossing the road outside Nando's restaurant I assumed that it was safe to cross the second part as there were no cars approaching the junction, how wrong I was. Thank you for the reminder that the DVLA doesn't use an IQ test as standard in the driving exam.

Yes I was cross and I shouted but please understand, If you carried on driving on THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD someone could be dead, including ME. Your excuse there were no markings on the road is a load of balls, because here in the UK we drive on THE LEFT, but of course who could forget the following statement "I've never been to bedford before" If that truly is the case surely you should be paying more attention to the road.

Yours sincerly

The man you tried to kill


  1. Apologies, it only took the word 'Nando' to make me laugh. It's just a place that conjures up many images, all of them quite disturbing.

    I am curious to the blokes excuse though. Do they drive on the other side of the road in Bedford? Is it like a mini USA?

  2. Actually it was a woman, I'm pretty sure I've seen her around near where I live and I find it hard to belive that she's never been to Bedford before, maybe the one way system threw her off but I'm confident that the whole UK drives on the left

  3. is it me or rambling are getting funnier these days?