Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I decided this post would be a little more about me why I started this blog and what it's for.

I'm Dan, Yes you probably knew that. I'm 25 I've been married for 5 years (6 in June) to a wonderful enduring wife, Becky. I am not neuro-typical, I'm generally described as weird and I embrace it.
I tend to think too much about life and like to keep it simple and honest, I think people make life difficult for themselves too often by complicating little things like "how many x's did he put on the end of the text he sent you?" and "well I won't say sorry until they do". Life is hard enough with work, illness and family to worry about things you have no control over and as for not saying sorry WHY NOT? admitting mistakes and encouraging peace make you a much better person and by far more in control over situations then anyone else.
Life is about self respect not self esteem, yes there is a difference. You earn self respect through action, self esteem is what you expect others to think of you, which as I mentioned before you have no control over.

This blog is dedicated to the little things I notice which I think don't seem to make sense in life and yes I will be moaning so more (with some silly posts in-between) I hope you have enjoyed it so far and continue to do so.

Do you agree with my post?
What does Life mean to you?


  1. Hi Dan, I agree entirely with your post. As to, what does life mean to me, I'm not so sure anymore in lieu of recent events.

    I'm kind of re-thinking what I thought life, especially my life, once meant.

    1. Lily I think your doing great bringing up your lil man and you've got a great funny blog.

  2. What my life means to me is confusion hope that goes away soon :)

    Good post I agree with the points you make...

    1. Thanks Alex, I'm sure things will get less confusing eventually just keep your head up :)

  3. Do I agree with your post?
    yes and no. but in a good way. I always think its important to enjoy the view points of others and learn from them. so there.

    What does life mean to me?
    haven't quite worked that one out yet. but if Im being pushed I'd say enjoyment, fulfilment, guilty pleasures and sweeties!!!

    keep up the good work.

  4. Aww, thanks for those very kind words Dan. :)

  5. Great post! :)

    I'm currently still trying to figure out the meaning of life. Right now, for me, helping others and looking for all the "small things" are what give my life meaning. :)