Monday, 9 January 2012

Alien a nation

For the first few weeks I found it a little difficult to settle into my new workplace, Its Nothing to do with the actual work more to do with people. PEOPLE are difficult. The difficulties arose more in the break-room.
I am not used to keeping my mouth shut I like to be honest and make sure people know exactly where I stand on issues. One particular situation reared up when I revealed to co-workers I don't watch T.V "But.. I couldn't live without Television! What do you do?" One colleague retorted, I replied that that reaction is common and it almost seems like an addiction, I may point out that here ends the politeness and logic of the conversation.
This simple comment had upset everyone in the room, One colleague stormed out with the phrase "Alcohol and Drugs are addictions!" followed by another co-worker sprouting the unwittingly reinforcing statement "Saying T.V is an addiction is like saying drinking water and eating food is an addiction"
The end statement screamed out to me like a lonely Mars bar left on a bench still in its wrapper and once again I couldn't contain my disbelief "Are you comparing T.V to a fundamental necessity for human life?"
I didn't get answer, nor win any friends. Back to the Internets for me.


  1. Woah People are gonna crush right out of there nest there man.

    Its a bit like saying facebook isn't necessary to have friends man ;) x

  2. Woah People are gonna crush right out of there nest there man.

    Its a bit like saying facebook isn't necessary to have friends man ;) x

  3. when i lived in the caravan i went without tv for 18months, baring the odd dvd i lived a life of luxery with nothing but my brain and the radio. however, now im back in a house and have ALL the sky channels i can feel my brain shrinking with and every day. laziness has sunk in and i find if difficult to to stop staring at the gogglebox in the corner of room.
    People though, are complete utter idiots. stick with it man.

    1. Being in a field where I deal primarily with people, I agree that they can be quite frustrating. I literally laughed out loud when I read that comment about your co-worker comparing TV to food and water. WOW. There are no words. Don't get me wrong.. I love my TV time, but I know it's leisure, not necessity.

    2. Most of my posts have a degree of embellishment, this is one of the rare occasions that it is 100% true, I'm not sure if thats a good or bad thing lol.

  4. Plumber: Do you watch Soccer AM? it's the best thing on the box!

    Me: Sorry, no I don't watch TV, I got rid of my license

    Plumber: What do you DO???

    (Nuff said)

  5. <-- Precisely the whorizontal, bro.
    Im sooooo far above that.
    You can be, too, if you wannum.
    Howdya gettm, Pops?

    Q: wonder why so many humans
    fall into the Abyss o'Misery
    when they know of the utter
    despair for eternity?
    A: pride. God hates pride.
    Make Your Choice -SAW