Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hazey New Year

Ok so I have Sciatica, It painful. It is not fun. Actually scrap that it IS fun, well the painkillers are anyway. They put me into a daze which is nice for relaxing and pain relief but not so good when my work manager wants to do a performance review (I just marked myself down as excellent, seemed to work too). Another problem is while I still have the general opinion that idiocy reigns free over the world I can't articulate myself well enough to reason what is actually annoying me. henceforth most of the holiday period and the start of this week has been spent in a state of quiet mild annoyance and listlessness, so goodbye any hope of creativity.
so today, Im an idiot.


  1. :)..jonny btw :D

  2. No today your are Excellent ;)Conecting with hats bugging us. You me both brother

  3. those's hats always stealing the W's :)