Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A T.V is for life, not just for christmas.

My day yesterday was semi eventful, it was not exciting though I do feel a particular event will reveal some useful information.
firstly for the people in this audience not familiar with T.V licensing allow me to explain : Here in the U.K the BBC is partially funded by a licensing fee which at this time of print is £145.50 per year, Unfortunately the T.V license authority would allow you to believe that this fee applies to you just for the ownership of a television set. well I can reassure you, It doesn't. In fact the licensing fee applies only to LIVE programming on your set mobile phone or PC. So using "catch up" services online such as BBC iplayer are not covered and therefore free to anyone.
After becoming unemployed I cancelled my T.V license and tuned out the programming and within a month I received numerous letters warning me of the fine I would receive if when they called round my T.V was found to be tuned in to programming.
Yesterday mid morning I heard a knock at my door answering it the man revealed himself to be from T.V licensing and showed me his I.D. Another little known fact is unless I invite him in, he will need a warrant, but as tempted as I was to slam the door in his face, I wanted to end the stream of harassment coming through my mail. He turned on my T.V, flicked around, saw no programming and left satisfied I don't need a license.
Feeling rather elated later on that I had won (and proved people wrong while doing nothing) I celebrated by watching BBC iplayer.


  1. They might leave you in peace for a few months, but that'll be it.

    For anyone who doesn't know the Licensing Authority actually is the BBC.

    More information about this heinous organisation and their despicable tactics on my blog.

  2. Was he wearing an SS uniform?