Wednesday, 6 July 2011


While I'd be the first to admit I like a good ironic moan I am a believer in staying proactively happy, So sit back and enjoy this Ironing. Sure we all get grumpy at times it's our nature, but I can't stand when people live in a cloud of impenetrable grouch. I recently met one such person whose chosen profession is to drive public transport, I immediately recognised the symptoms : Uncaring eyes, down turned mouth and the words 'No change given' written on his jumper. Deciding that trying to talk to this man directly could affect my physical health I sat close to the drivers cab and recalled some information. A common known fact is smiling uses less muscles then frowning but a less common known fact is the more you frown the more likely you can cause your facial muscles to become weakened and permanently take a 'down-mouth' position. Of course there is a simple solution, Smiling! Something that the bus driver could have learned, if he hadn't been to busy shouting.


  1. As people get older they become caricatures of themselves.. Frowners will find out the hard way that life can be a cruel artist.

  2. Becky Happy Hillman X13 July 2011 at 00:22

    ...I always get that man :-) Maybe he needs a cake to cheer him up X