Sunday, 20 November 2011

Guest 20th November 2011 - Abstract Structure to Live Art (Deconstruction Festival)

Hi guys Dans Brother in Law Frank Here.

His let me guest as Ive started one of these Flipping Blogs. So far Ive done about 10 days straight of posting daily abstract doodles. Heres my guest version of my doodle blog for the 20th November 2011.

The blogs about everything really although I'm hoping to breach the subject of my degenerative eye condition RP as time goes. In a decade or two it will render me legally blind so it may be a way of dealing, but its not all doom and gloom its an Optimistic blog by nature.

If anyone would like to guest for a post they'd be totally welcome

Was really pleased with this Doodle, Its loosely based on a doodle I did stood in a corner at a live gig. 

The gig was in Luton and it was called Deconstruction Festival. Experimental band, after experimental band, with wavs and waves of the Improvised beautiful Noise. So I found a perch on a Armchair and drew the whole 8 hours with breaks of course. My lines where controlled by the flow of the music and this is what I created to the Band 'Coldstream' found here on Myspace 

I think its down to the Aspergers, I go into a state of hyper focus which can go on for hours. Beep and Hiss akimbo the music, music for people who like there music to go out there, way out there.

I enjoyed the whole day immensely, Lost in the Doodle until the early Hours of the Morning with no worries or Cares, I think it was when I truly discovered how Calming the Doodle could be.

Heres some of the doodles so far...

Thanks for Looking, 

Come over and Tell me about what you like to do art to, and what , music makes your creative juices go wild?

- Frank 20-11-11


  1. Hi Frank. Very nice work indeed. I will pop over to your blog in a little while and have proper good butchers! All the best Bumf'

  2. Thanks Bumferry, should have a scan to post by tonight