Saturday, 5 November 2011

Daylight Savings Time

Yes, It's that time of year again! As I'm sure most of you know ; here in the UK we change our clocks twice a year, An hour forward in the spring, (Spring forward) and an hour back in the autumn (Fall back). We get reminders and a lot of technology does it automatically (Mobile Phones and Laptops Etc. )
So when the clocks change why oh why do I hear people saying "it's 6 o clock but it's really 5" referring to the previous day. The frequency of this is disturbingly high, people don't seem to be able to let go, like it's to their advantage to remember, when in reality it's just time consuming and trivial.
I'd hate to see these people in another time-zone "OK I'm in china and it's 1am so really its 5pm"


  1. LOL! OK, I hold my hand up, I am one of those people. (hangs head in shame and goes off to sit in the stupid corner)

  2. I'm the idiot who forgot.
    So everything apart from the clock by my bed changed automatically, but it's not like I look at my comp or tv in the morning.
    So yeah, I was an hour early for work. Which made a change from the hour late that I usually am.

  3. @lily you can come out of the corner at 4pm (actually 3pm) lol

    @DCG My wife and I forgot this year, but we use a phone for our morning alarm. Saved by the automatic bell!

    Some countries don't even observe Daylight Savings, and places like China used to, but just stopped.

  4. We do it in the US, too. Drives me a little bonkers. I think Arizona doesn't do it anymore.. or at least a certain part. I wish we didn't. Shouldn't the springing forward and falling back equal out each other? lol.. I'm not one of the people who say what time it should be based on the previous day, but I am one of the people who complain that my body is still on the previous time. The last 2 nights, I wanted to go to bed at 8:30 pm. It was insane and quite annoying. lol. :)

  5. @ordinary I think you guys do it on different dates to the UK, I was reading recently that the US have been talking about using a different method of keeping time.

  6. It whacks me out pretty bad. I always seem to jack up a clock every year.