Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bad for Nothing.

Becky surprised me last Thursday with some tickets to see the band 'Yellowcard!' It was brilliant, we took the train to London earlier in the day so we could have a walk around, I met a sole busker playing a Djemebe

oooh your the sweetness

I listened to him play for a while and readied some change for his hat, as I was placing the money I started chatting to him about the drum explaining I had one at home though not as big as his (yes I had djemebe envy) and he asked if I would like to play it, I honestly couldn't even try to turn him down and with the exception of the gig it was the greatest moment of my week. This is why I love the busking community no airs, no graces, just music that you could actually join in with if you wanted. And so it leads me to the gig, or more pointedly one of the supporting acts : 'The Wonder Years' don't get me wrong I have respect for their ability to play instruments and musical talent but, they are Idiots, here's why :

Lead Singer : OK this song is about when the world expects something from you, but you don't have it in you to do it! Lets rock!
Teenage Fan-boys : WOW he knows exactly how we feel!

WHAT? what on earth does that even mean? You can't live up to expectations? Your not good enough to even try? 
Basically the whole message of this song is "I have no ability" thats depressing, and if it truely is the case you only have yourself to blame.
Lazy Bums


  1. Lazy bums indeed. im listening to their song Hang you up. ive never heard of these guys before but y'know what - i like it. its not easy to enjoy new music for me. im a bit fickle - but this is alright. good work fella!

  2. Dude, that is a depressing and pointless song. I think depression with the teens is in these days though, so they were probably playing on that. I would have been pissed.
    Oh and I can understand not knowing where to find weed, but not knowing how to smoke it??