Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I'm unemployed so not suprisingly I find myself with alot of time on my hands and while I'm trying to fill it constructively its not easy. Back when I still had a job I weaned my self off my caffine dependancy so now there is nothing to blame my irritability on, I've started to think maybe I should spend this time of inertness to restart the dependance by starting a line of caffine based treats, E.G : Sweet Coffee Bread (you've got to start with the basics), Latte Jelly (I've already tried this and it works), Coffee Popcorn (thank you F) and if I remain unemployed for long enough Coffee Dress Shirts (it's a dress shirt with a plastic lining that you can fill with coffee). I don't have a brand name yet but like I said "I have plenty of time on my hands"

*blog update* Tried the coffee dress shirt.... maybe i shouldn't have used boiling coffee... time to break out the sudacream

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  1. "starting a line of caffiene...." hmmmm, where's my straw?